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Blast From The Past (talk/music: on hiatus)

Welcome to Blast From The Past. This podcast was created by Erk & his mum Judy in February 2009 after Judy caught the podcasting bug from Erk. The show started as a “back in my day” show where Erk & Judy would talk about the past & compare it to the current day. Over time, the format matured & it became more of a talk/variety program.


In November 2011, Judy lost the passion & for personal issues decided not to podcast any more. She may decide to come back in future but until then, the show is on an extended hiatus. Over time, this section of the website will be updated. There will be no iTunes link for the moment.


Recent Episodes


Erk FM: Special Bravo – Sitting On My Hands Waiting For Support Is Not An Option #mevioluxury (part 2)

by Erk

This is part 2 of a 4 part blog series where Erk explains the events at the end of January/start of February 2012 which led him to stop recording podcasts for a week. As a bonus & for other reasons to be explained in the blog series, each post will feature an unedited podcast episode from an affected podcaster. This Erk FM Special episode (Bravo) will feature episode 386 of the PC Podcast...

Erk FM: Special Alpha – Busy Week Made Worse! Mevio Jumping The Shark? #mevioluxury (part 1)

by Erk

The week commencing Sunday 22 January 2012 was always going to be a busy week. Little did I know at the time how the events at the end of that week would effect the following week for me & many others. The featured podcast for this post is the Ourobouros podcast. Colin was one of two people who inspired (and continue to inspire) me to becoming a music podcaster in the first place. Colin...

Channel Erk Special Announcement Episode – New Subscriptions & New Website #mevioluxury

by Erk

This special episode gives you an update of what is happening around Channel Erk with the podcasts resuming today (Monday 06 February 2012) commencing with Erk FM: Metal Monday episode 19. If you listen to this via a show subscription for an individual show or the Channel Erk Mega Feed, you will continue to receive regular episodes. See the website www.channelerk.com for more details.

Blast From The Past 140 – Erk’s Out, Mum’s In

by Erk

Welcome to episode 140 of Blast From The Past.On this episode, Erk & Judy discuss Erk's on-going sleep issue which now means he can't drive trains for a while. Erk takes advantage of this while Judy stays in. Our Feature Artist this week is VildirHeart who Erk met up with in Sweden during his recent trip to Europe. The songs are from their debut album The Core.

Blast From The Past 139 – From Broadway To Woolloomooloo & Beyond…..

by Erk

Welcome to episode 139 of Blast From The Past with Judy & Erk. We had a very interesting weekend starting with a Deadman in the house on Saturday & an epic Sunday night of music including Fronz Arp, Tony Dean, His & Her Majesty. Live music recorded by Erk with permission of the artists.

Blast From The Past is on a hiatus

by Erk

Hosted by Erk & Erk's mum Judy, Blast From The Past started in February 2009 after Judy saw how much fun Erk has with podcasting. Full of stories of "back in my day...." like most parents, Judy & Erk initially started comparing their lives to the current day. As the show developed, the format changed into a slice of life program as well as featuring some music with a different feature artist each week....

Blast From The Past 138 – Welcome Back Amodus

by Erk

Welcome to episode 138 of Blast From The Past.On this episode, Erk & Judy talk about Erk's results from the sleep clinic, how expensive is it to rebuild a race car & talk about Erk's recent Amodus gig. Erk recorded the entire gig with his audio recorder & the songs you hear on this episode were from the recorder basically unedited. It was a great gig & because it was the Halloween weekend, people...

Blast From The Past 137 – Matt Stevens’ Guitar

by Erk

Welcome to episode 137 of Blast From The Past. On this episode, Erk talks about a new music meet/jam afternoon he visited & Judy hasn't been anywhere. Because all of the Blast From The Past listeners might not listen to Erk FM, we are going to feature Erk's interview with Matt Stevens from Erk's recent trip to London. Channel Erk has been supporting Matt for some time (and vice versa) as you'll hear from...

Blast From The Past 136 – Pianos & Pipes

by Erk

Welcome to episode 136 of Blast From The Past.On this episode, Erk had his worst night of sleep ever at the sleep clinic. The term sleep clinic must be an oxymoron like army intelligence. Erk & Judy have been out at separate gigs over the last week. And no, they weren't metal gigs! Last Friday, Erk went to Molly Contogeorge's Glasshouse Living EP Launch. On Monday night, Judy went to see the Red Hot...

Blast From The Past 135 – Happy Birthday, Braddles!

by Erk

Welcome to episode of Blast From The Past.On this episode, Erk & Judy celebrate a VID (Very Important Drummer) & his birthday, go to see a new band called Foundary Road (thanks to a typo on an electronic sign), prepare some new promos (interesting way to spend an afternoon), more elephant for Judy, talk about an interesting weekend of motor racing at Bathurst (see videos below) & more. Our feature artist this week comes...

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  1. 19 June 09, 9:34am

    […] Blast From The Past […]

  2. 18 February 10, 8:40am

    Thanks for the Phantom Power Media, and Inside My Head shout-out! Always appreciated. :D

    Pumpkin soup, Judy? I’ve never heard of that. I am also wondering how a trucker can manage to carry soup around with him while on the road.

    After listening to the discussion between Judy and Cherie about washing machines, I now would like to see a photo of Judy’s washing machine. What does it look like? Is there a photo of it on facebook?

    This was fun to listen to. I am looking forward to listening to part two. :)

  3. 17 April 10, 12:46pm

    Judy–How sweet of you dear friend–loved your show –“Here’s your life” –however all those words were way too kind–Thank you Judy–Love Cherie

  4. 28 August 10, 10:17am

    […] mentioned in this episode: * Blast FM * Blast From The Past A big “Thank You” to Judy, for introducing me to the music of Craig […]

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