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Dead Hunt is a zombie novel written by Canadian author Kenn Crawford. It is Erk’s first role as voice talent as he plays the role of Wade, an Australian backpacker visiting Canada. Erk saw that Kenn was looking for an Australian voice for one of the characters and offered his services to Kenn. Erk also plays the part of an Australian airline pilot. After recording the lines for his parts, Erk offered the services of Judy to Kenn “just in case you are looking for the voice of an older Australian lady.” Kenn then wrote a part especially for Judy who is also making her debut as voice talent playing the short role of Betty, an Australian airline flight attendant.


For a full cast list and more information about the novel or the podcast version, visit the Dead Hunt website. Now you can download the Dead Hunt Promo and read/hear about some of the major characters to promote the release of the podiobook version. Episodes are available here (downloading from Kenn’s site) as a service to Channel Erk listeners as well as on the Dead Hunt website. The series of podcasts are now also available from The story is now complete but Kenn is looking forward to Dead Hunt’s sequel.


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