EFMM 950 X 150 April 2013
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EFMM 950 X 150 April 2013

70000 Tons Of Metal 2014 Coverage

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[Erk’s 2013 70000 Tons Of Metal Coverage]


Welcome to Erk FM: Metal Monday’s 2014 coverage of 70000 Tons Of Metal. 2013’s 70000 Tons of Metal was the 3rd journey but Erk’s first. Sailing from Miami on Monday 27 January onboard the Majesty Of The Seas, Erk sailed away for the second time. This year marks the final year that the Majesty Of The Seas will be the mother ship of the event. This year’s destination was voted for by people traveling on the cruise. After many many votes, the destination for the halfway point of the cruise was Costa Maya, Mexico.


Erk had a great time on the cruise – there was a great number of people & experiences that Erk experienced during the voyage that meant that about half the cruise was devoted to this coverage & the other half was dedicated to having fun – and Erk certainly did that!


Coverage for the event will be recorded by Erk during the voyage which runs from 27 – 31 January. Episodes featured on Erk FM: Metal Monday during March 2014.


2014 70000 Tons Of Metal Episodes


Bands Appearing

All bands are listed in alphabetical order. 



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