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ETTDR 950 X 150 April 2013

Erk To The Diary Room

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Welcome to Erk To The Diary Room, a new podcast to Channel Erk but also one of the oldest. Erk originally started podcasting in May 2007, talking about (among other things) the Australian version of the reality TV series Big Brother. After covering the 2007 & 2008 series with the podcast Erk To The Diary Room, Erk moved on to other podcasts & Big Brother went to the TV wastelands … until 2012, that is!


Big Brother is back in 2012 in Australia on a new network and Erk To The Diary Room also returned – but in a new format. Erk talks about a range of TV shows, movies, other entertainment and more – not just talking about Big Brother. 


Episodes will alternate between most episodes being recorded in Erk’s car (his mobile Diary Room?) and occasional episodes from the Channel Erk studio.


Recent Episodes


State Of The Channel Erk – Introducing 2 New Podcasts!

by Erk

Erk is pleased to announce the launch of 2 new talk podcasts on Channel Erk - in part to celebrate 7 years of podcasting. There will be preview episodes to set up the feeds and submission to iTunes. The relevant show pages will be updated when required.   Preview episodes for both new shows will feature on the feeds for both shows. This introduction and Channel Erk report features on all Channel Erk shows.   Non Channel Erk links mentioned:


Courtesy Phone 950 x 150 banner March 2014

  • Release Day: Generally non music days (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
  • Frequency: Occasional
  • First episode: May 2014
  • Last episode: New podcast
  • Theme Music: Battle Plane by Territory (Creative Commons) with additional sound byte.
  • Expect to hear: Travel tips, suggestions, features, guests. 
  • Subscriptions are not available at this time. 
  • Not available yet via the Channel Erk Mega Feed
  • Erk To The White Courtesy Phone information

Erk To The White Courtesy Phone is a travel based podcast where Erk shares travel stories, tips and news. The show will be released as episodes are recorded. The show was conceived during Erk's 2014 US trip. The name comes from a scene in one of Erk's favourite movie, Airplane (known in Australia as Flying High). Erk was amazed with the number of ".... to the white courtesy phone" calls over the PA system at American airports.

  White Courtesy Phone 1400 x 1400 March 2014


Erk Power Play 950 X 450 May 2014

  • Release Day: Thursdays
  • Frequency: Weekly during Australian ice hockey season (April - September). Occasional during Australian off-season.
  • First episode: July 2014
  • Last episode: New podcast
  • Theme Music: To Be Advised.
  • Expect to hear: Discussion about the sport of ice hockey in Australia (AIHL) and North America (WHL, NHL)
  • Expect to read: Match previews, match reports, opinions. 
  • Subscriptions are not available at this time. 
  • Not available yet via the Channel Erk Mega Feed
  • Erk To The Penalty Box information

Erk To The Penalty Box is a new podcast that is based on the sport of ice hockey. Erk properly discovered the game in America in early 2014 thanks to watching the Western Hockey League. After returning to Australia, Erk discovered the Australian Ice Hockey League. Since discovering the game back home, Erk is physically located between the two Sydney based teams.


The podcast was originally going to be a project starting in 2015. However, Erk has written articles for the AIHL and Hewitt Sports including opinion, news, game previews and recaps. The podcast will commence after Erk returns from Europe at the end of June and will be weekly during the Australian season (April - September).

  Power Play 1400 X 1400 May 2014

Erk To The Diary Room 23 – Wandering Around Asian TV

by Erk

Welcome to Erk To The Diary Room episode 23. This episode was recorded in two halves from different parts of Asia. The episode opens in a hotel room in Tokyo, Japan. Like the previous episode, Erk samples hotel room TV. However on this episode, there is an Asian theme. The second half of the episode was recorded in Singapore. While both countries are in Asia, they are very different.   Japan is highly Japanese (thank you, Captain Obvious!) with all of the TV that Erk sampled being in the Japanese language. While there was English around Tokyo in general society, Japanese is by far the dominant language. However in Singapore, there is more of a mix in languages with variations of Chinese, Indian, Malaysian, Singaporean & western cultures & languages.   The episode was recorded on Erk's iPad & the multitasking was not quite up to the job which meant that there may be some gaps in the recording.

Erk To The Diary Room 22 – Wandering Around American TV

by Erk

Welcome to Erk To The Diary Room episode 22. Recorded in Vegas in January 2014, Erk goes for a trip around the TV like he has done previously in Mexico. There will be another episode in this style during Erk's overseas trip early in 2014 from Japan & Singapore. Listeners to Erk Pod will also receive this episode as an Erk Pod episode.

Erk To The Diary Room 21 – Disaster Porn At Breakfast

by Erk

Welcome to Erk To The Diary Room episode 21. Recorded from Erk's car, Erk shares the TV that he has been watching during the October 2013 bushfires that have burnt around the fringes of Sydney. Erk usually does not watch breakfast TV but due to being on fire duty on nightshifts, breakfast TV was a sign for Erk that it was almost time to go home. Erk talks about what he calls Disaster Porn. There's also some thoughts about the 2013 series of Big Brother Australia.

Erk To The Diary Room 20 – Back To The Block

by Erk

Welcome to episode 20 of Erk To The Diary Room. Erk is in Melbourne for his birthday & visits the location of Channel 9's The Block: Sky High & chats about other TV shows he has been watching. He also goes to a Melbourne landmark for a visit.  There is a bit of a crossover between the latter part of this episode of Erk To The Diary Room & Erk's travel podcast Erk Pod. Erk had not finished releasing Erk Pod episodes from his trip to America in January/February 2013 so featuring content from August 2013 on Erk Pod in the middle of the American content would have been strange.   You'll hear the Melbourne comedy earworm that Erk had stuck in his head (see the shownotes for the video) & a lot lot more.

Erk To The Diary Room 19 – Erk’s TV Watching Has Been Sky High!

by Erk

Erk knows that it has been a while since an episode of Erk To The Diary Room! However, a big problem with hosting a TV & entertainment podcast is that you have to watch TV to do it. For some shows, this is easy. But if you like watching the sort of shows Erk likes to talk about, you just can't want one episode & that's it. While some of these shows are weekly, others are daily or at least several times a week.

  Sneak peeks are annoying as are shows that promise so much every year but deliver nothing. Also, is social media helpful or not when it comes to watching TV?

  Shows discussed (links to IMDB or Wikipedia):

Erk To The Diary Room 18 – Life In Suburbia

by Erk

Welcome to episode 18 of Erk To The Diary Room. On this episode, Erk takes a look at life in suburbia according to TV featuring two very different examples.   Opening the episode with Portlandia, Erk relates how he thinks that Portlandia falls into the "Funny because it's true" category. Erk has been to Portland OR where the series is based & found that because he can identify with the people and places, he can relate to the show more than someone who has no idea about anything PDX.

  Looking closer to home, Erk then talks about Housos. There's a line of progression from pizza delivery (Pizza), couriering (Swift & Shift Couriers) and suburban living (Housos) in Sydney. Many of the cast appear on all three programs which usually feature a lot of strong language, unrealistic scenes and some low brow humour. All 3 shows do have their moments of laugh out loud humour, though. There are some B & C grade celebrities familiar to Australian viewers that might not translate well for American viewers.

  There's a quick update about The Block: Sky High (Erk couldn't think of the full name of the show at the time!) and Wentworth.

Erk To The Diary Room 17 – On The Inside, The Roses Grow

by Erk

Welcome to episode 17 of Erk To The Diary Room. On this episode, Erk discusses the 2013 version of Prisoner (also known as Prisoner: Cell Block H) called Wentworth. Prisoner was one of Australia's longest running drama series & was ground-breaking at the time. It was also one of the few adult shows that Erk was able to watch as a child - not that he understood everything that was going on.

Erk also reviews the latest series of fire department drama - Chicago Fire. It was so realistic that local media thought that a made-for-TV plane crash was the real thing and reported it as a real plane crash. Oops.

Erk To The Diary Room 16 – Back From The Home Of TV!

by Erk

Welcome to episode 16 of Erk To The Diary Room. On the first episode of 2013, Erk has returned from America, the spiritual home of TV. However due to his tight schedule & doing touristy things, Erk did not actually watch a lot of TV in America. He did, however, watch some TV in Mexico. This will be the subject of a future episode.
  This episode was recorded in Erk's car as usual (for this podcast at least). However, he has a new microphone for his iPhone that he uses to record this podcast. The Rode iXY microphone plugs into the bottom of the iPhone but this does present some first world podcaster problems as Erk will mention.  
On returning home, Erk has been catching up on TV. While he was away, The Block All Stars was being shown on Channel 9 in Australia. Meant as a way to bring back couples from previous series but up the pressure on them, they had to complete a house restoration & renovation in 6 weeks. Erk spoke about The Block's 2012 season on episode 2 (Australia) & episode 13  (New Zealand). He also visited the location of 2012's series in Melbourne on episode 14.
Partly linked to his new railway podcast on Channel Erk (On The Rails With Erk), Erk discusses a railway documentary season that he watched on You Tube called The Railway: Keeping Britain On Track.  Similar to other similar English shows he spoke about in episode 4, this is a rarely seen side to the inner workings of a complex railway organisation. It is a BBC production but due to their geo-blocking policies, Erk was only able to see it here via You Tube.
  Speaking on UK series, Erk has been watching Truckers on BBC Knowledge (Foxtel). Shown on Channel 5 in the UK, the series is based on the happenings of the Eddie Stobart company. Erk briefly speaks about how the show has grown & the truckers themselves are becoming stars thanks to the show & social media.

Erk To The Diary Room 15 – Racing Amazingly With Richard Hammond

by Erk

Welcome to episode 15 of Erk To The Diary Room. On this episode, Erk discusses season 21 of The Amazing Race (US) and differences between the original series (US) and a foreign version (Australia). There's also some series link fail so Erk hasn't seen Beauty & The Geek Australia. He has seen Richard Hammond's Crash Course, talks briefly about Undercover Boss & then talks about a short break for this show while Erk goes to the home of TV in January/February 2013.

Erk To The Diary Room 14 – Blocktacular Catch-up, Engine 51!!

by Erk

Welcome to episode 14 of Erk To The Diary Room. Erk has been in Melbourne & went to the location of The Block. He has also been catching up with the final stages of Big Brother (Australia) 2012 and also episodes of Emergency!

Erk To The Diary Room 13 – Big Brother, Kiwi Blockheads, Beauties & Geeks

by Erk

Welcome to Erk To The Diary Room episode 13 coming to you from the Mobile Diary Room. Erk again has had some recording issues which are hopefully fixed. On this episode, Erk attempts to talk about 4 TV shows - one show that he hasn't spoken about on this show before & variations of other shows that he has spoken about. Erk has a lot of great TV & DVDs to keep him entertained.

Erk To The Diary Room 12 – Everybody Loves Families!

by Erk

Welcome to episode 12 of Erk to the Diary Room, once again recorded in his car (the mobile Diary Room) - hopefully the problems that Erk has had are now over. On this episode Erk talks about TV shows involving families & wonders if current events and changes in culture over time change the way you think of older TV shows & movies.

Erk To The Diary Room 11 – Spoilers

by Erk

Welcome to episode 11 (take 1 million!) of Erk To The Diary Room. Now hopefully with the issues behind him as detailed in the last episode, this time Erk talks about spoilers. When are spoilers acceptable & how long must a TV show or movie be available before it is OK to give out what some people might regard as spoilers. What is a spoiler to you & are you worried about spoilers?

Erk To The Diary Room 10 – Episode 10 Take 10!

by Erk

Welcome to episode 10 of Erk To The Diary Room. On this episode, Erk tells about the drama which led to the loss of the original episode 10 as well as several attempts of episode 11. The application Bossjock Studio is a great application when it works and Erk is working with the developers to improve the application. Now that the problem is known and Erk has worked on some tips to make things easier, he can continue recording this podcast from the Mobile Diary Room.

Erk To The Diary Room 09 – Not Another Sequel Just Another Prequel

by Erk

Welcome to Erk To The Diary Room episode 09. On this episode, Erk talks about sequels & prequels in movies & TV shows. When is enough enough? Do we really need to see Police Academy 64? Later in the episode, Erk talks about documentaries & how he links them to his day job.

Erk To The Diary Room 08 – Not As Many DVDs as Danie!

by Erk

Welcome to episode 8 of Erk To The Diary Room. On this episode, Erk continues to talk about movies that he has in his DVD collection. Once again recording from his mobile Diary Room, Erk talks about working out his new recording application Bossjock, gets distracted by Spiderpig (again!), character impersonations and more including Worst. Massage. Ever.

Erk To The Diary Room 07 – More Movies From Erk’s Memory

by Erk

Welcome to episode 07 of Erk To The Diary Room where once again, Erk is coming to you from his Mobile Diary Room talking about movies that he could have mentioned on episode 5.

Erk To The Diary Room 06 – Music & Sport

by Erk

Welcome to episode 6 of Erk To The Diary Room. The first half of this episode gives you insights into music from Erk's point of view as someone who is trying to promote music. On the second half of the episode, Erk talks about sport on TV

Erk To The Diary Room 05 – You Have The Right To Remain Silent!

by Erk

Welcome to episode 5 of Erk To The Diary Room, a new Channel Erk podcast where Erk discusses TV, movies, entertainment & more. On this episode, he discovers a new way to record this podcast, talks about police TV shows and movies as well as nearly getting involved in an accident while recording in the mobile Diary Room (his car).

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