Echo Romeo Kilo Promotions

Carrying on the work that Erk has been doing with Channel Erk Podcasts & Erk FM since January 2009 (via the podcasts) and October 2010 (via live music), Echo Romeo Kilo Promotions is about supporting indie music, primarily in Australia.


How can Erk & Echo Romeo Kilo assist you regardless of if you are an artist, a fellow promoter or a venue?


  • Do you need a band for a live gig (primarily in Sydney) either to complete a lineup or for a whole gig? Erk can help to fill a lineup or a whole night’s entertainment.
  • Do you need music promotion advice or assistance? Erk can use his experience to assist you.
  • Is social media confusing to you? Erk can help to you to understand things like Twitter & Facebook which are handy communication tools.
  • Need a host or an MC for an event? Erk can host your event regardless of the type of audience or event. Different events & different audiences require a different approach.
  • Need airplay for your music? With a range of podcasts that he hosts, Erk also has worldwide contacts with other promoters & podcasters including the Association Of Music Podcasting in order to increase your exposure.