Erk FM INTL 950 X 150 April 2013 Creative Commons License Erk FM INTL 950 X 150 April 2013

Music Suppliers

Erk FM would not be possible if it was not for his music partners and suppliers allowing him to play podsafe and indie music from around the world. This page gives you the complete list of regular suppliers of music for Erk FM. The shownotes for each episode will tell you the sources of music for that episode.


Apart from the music partners/suppliers listed, other agencies as well as the artists themselves have supplied music for Erk. All music supplied by a music partner/supplier is used with permission of the music partner/supplier in terms of the terms of agreement between Erk and each supplier/partner. In addition, all other music is played with permission of the person sending the music to Erk, either a management company or the artist themselves.


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