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Erk FM (2009 – 2011)

In 2012, Erk FM is made up of 4 different podcasts. There is a different podcast every day of the week. The week starts at 11 with Erk FM: Metal Monday. Tuesdays (as required) are for interviews, special features & live recordings with Erk FM: Extra.


In January 2009, Erk FM started as a music podcast every Friday with music from around the world. In December 2011, the Friday show split into 2 with Erk FM: International on Wednesdays & Erk FM: Australia on Fridays.


There are no new Erk FM episodes being produced in the format that started with music podcasts only on Fridays with all artists in the one show from across the world.


Due to a change in audio host, you will need to re-subscribe to receive episode 18 & beyond (February 2012) of Erk FM: Metal Monday. Erk FM: Metal Monday is not on the Channel Erk Mega Feed.


  • SHOW STATUS: Completed. New format since December 2011
  • WEBSITE STATUS: Show notes being converted to new format & audio hosts. This will take some time to complete all 195 episodes
  • PODCAST FEED:  (ITUNES/RSS): Available
  • PODCAST AUDIO: Moving over to the new audio host. Old audio host still available at the moment


Recent Episodes (all Erk FM shows)


Erk FM: International 443 – Severe Pain Makes Erk Something Something (repeat first Erk FM: International episode)

by Shawn

Welcome to episode 443 of Erk FM: International. Due to Erk being in severe pain due to a leg infection, Erk decided to bring you a repost of the very first episode of Erk FM: International, Erk FM: International episode 197. Erk FM started in January 2009 as a podcast featuring music from around the world every Friday. During Erk's Europe trip in 2011, he decided to separate Australian music to create Erk FM: Australia (even numbered episodes on Fridays) and then Erk FM: International (odd numbered episodes, Wednesdays).

  Music supplied by Ambicon RecordsAssociation Of Music Podcasting

Erk FM: Metal Monday 134 – Severe Pain Make Erk Something Something (repeat episode 1)

by Shawn

Due to Erk being in severe pain & being unable to record an episode of Erk FM: Metal Monday this week, Erk replays Erk FM: Metal Monday episode 1 recording in October 2011. 

  This week's episode features music that Erk was exposed to during his 2011 European trip as well as music that Erk has used to promote the show prior to the launch of this episode. Music supplied by AirPlay Direct & also the artists directly (used with permission).

  The introductory voice at the start of the episode is Michael, vocalist for Sydney band Amodus.

  Song list:

Erk FM: Australia 442 – Excellent Friday

by Shawn

Welcome to Erk FM: Australia. Present Erk is really happy with Past Erk for creating a playlist a week early. Erk can just sit back & listen to some songs from some artists that he enjoyed last week. For some people who work office hours, it is a 4 day long weekend but for Erk, it's business as usual & great Australian music as usual.

  Music supplied by AirPlay Direct.

  Song list (all times approximate): 


Erk FM: International 441 – Shaking Up The Americana

by Shawn

Welcome to Erk FM: International episode 441. On this episode, Erk continues with last week's female artist theme. Starting across the ditch from Erk in New Zealand, the episode then moves to Portland (Keep it weird, Portland!) and Colorado. There's a nice variety of music on this episode even though we stay in Americana territory.   Music supplied by Airplay Direct.  

Erk FM: Metal Monday 133 – Happy Metal, Smiley Face

by Shawn

Welcome to Erk FM: Metal Monday episode 133. On this week's episode, there's some more great North American metal and as an added bonus, there's even some videos for you to enjoy if you go to the episode's shownotes on the Erk FM: Metal Monday website!

  There's so much metal out there that's about death & destruction but on this episode, there's also some humorous songs - some people might describe the songs as nerdcore. 

  Music supplied by Asher Media Relations & used with permission.

  Song list (all times approximate):

Erk FM: Australia 440 – Wall To Wall Ladies

by Shawn

Welcome to Erk FM: Australia episode 440. It has been a while since Erk has produced an Erk FM: Australia episode with multiple artists as an all female episode. This was not by design but just the way it turned out. In a couple of cases, the artists were born overseas but relocated to Australia which more than qualifies them to be featured on this episode.

  All music supplied by AirPlay Direct.

  Song list (all times approximate):

Erk FM: International 439 – Erk Feels Like Chicken Tonight

by Shawn

Welcome to Erk FM: International episode 439. As Erk works through his long list of submissions, Erk feels like chicken tonight & plays a selection of rock songs courtesy of Deuce Management & Promotion. There's also (finally!) a link between the Homer Simpson soundbyte in the theme music and one of the bands on this week's episode. And just for the sake of it & totally not required, there's some cowbell. (Go Winterhawks!)

  Song list (all times approximate):


Erk FM: Metal Monday 132 – O Canadian Metal

by Shawn

Welcome to Erk FM: Metal Monday episode 132. Erk is back in the Erk FM: Metal Monday studio & is wading through his submissions that he received while overseas. Erk is learning & hearing a lot about the Canadian metal scene, partly from Canadians who excelled in the field of being Canadian at 70000 Tons of Metal and partly thanks to Asher from Asher Media Relations.

  All music supplied by Asher Media Relations & used with permission.

  Song list:

Erk FM: Australia 438 – Halfway To Darwin

by Shawn

Welcome to Erk FM: Australia episode 438. Erk is back in the Erk FM: Australia studio after his epic overseas trip & has a lot of Australian music in his submission queue.

  On this episode, Erk features several songs from 2 artists courtesy of SGC Media.

  The episode opens with Brisbane band Halfway. Some of the foundation members are from Rockhampton in central Queensland. Eventually with the addition of some further members from Brisbane & Ireland, the band is now complete as an 8 piece band.

  The second track of this week's episode features Tom...

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  • Release Day: Every Friday & some Tuesdays from January 2009 – November 2011
  • Frequency: Weekly until November 2011
  • Expect to hear: Various styles of music from around Australia & across the world
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This show is Erk’s original version of Erk FM which aired from January 2009 until November 2011. Now divided into Erk FM: Australia & Erk FM: International

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