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Erk FM: Extra (Tuesday)

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Photo: Erk posing near a London WWII Museum while wearing his trusty  Foundry Road shirt (now hanging in the Channel Erk studio after touring Europe & Asia with Erk for 3 months), August 2011.


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  • SHOW STATUS: New episodes are available. Interviews to be conducted & are being planned.
  • LATEST EPISODES: Erk FM: Extra episodes 5 - Interview with Phoebe (Heaven The Axe),  Interview with Terranovacain (episode 6). Interview with Shadows At Play (episode 7) & Heathen Eyes (episode 8)
  • COMING SOON:  More interviews
  • WEBSITE STATUS: Erk FM: Extra episodes 01 – 08 in the new format & new audio host. Older interview episodes to be completed
  • PODCAST AUDIO: Mixture of old & new audio hosts


Erk FM: Extra was launched in December 2011 as a way of highlighting the artists played on other Erk FM podcasts as well as other special features such as live performances. Interviews prior to December 2011 were featured as stand alone Erk FM episodes released on Tuesdays. There will be list of these interviews soon.



Recent Episodes


Erk FM: Extra 010 – Alona Raevska interview

by Erk

Welcome to Erk FM: Extra episode 10, an interview with Russian/Ukrainian singer/songwriter Alona Raevska. During the interview, Erk learns what it is like for Alona to travel to Los Angeles for a TV music competition & how this competition opened doors for her. Alternating between the US & the Ukraine, Alona is very talented & versatile. Not only is she a singer/songwriter, she is also an actor, a model & she also does all of her own publicity. During the episode, you will hear 3 songs including Conversations Of My Soul, Destroyed & Just A Little Longer.

Erk FM: Extra 09 – Natalie Brown interview

by Erk

Welcome to episode 9 of Erk FM: Extra. This episode is an interview with Canadian singer-songwriter Natalie Brown. Natalie's experience in music pre-dates the current era & she has some interesting advice learnt thanks to tough experience.

Erk FM: Extra 08 – Heathen Eyes interview

by Erk

Welcome to episode 8 of Erk FM: Extra. This week's interview is with hard rock/metal band Heathen Eyes who are based in Auckland, New Zealand. The band were in Sydney to compete in the Global Battle Of The Bands competition.

Erk FM: Extra 07 – Shadows At Play interview

by Erk

Welcome to Erk FM: Extra episode 7 with lower Blue Mountains folk-pop/alternative band Shadows At Play. The episode starts with an interview at the Lapstone Hotel with band members Liam, Ash & occasional band member Ryan.

Erk FM: Extra 06 – Terranovacain interview

by Erk

Welcome to episode 6 of Erk FM: Extra where Erk goes behind the scenes to give you an insight into the music industry. On this interview episode, Erk chats via Skype with Franco-Jamaican rock trio Terranovacain. There's lead vocalist Lisa (who also plays bass, keyboards & drums), Benoit (bass, guitar, lapsteel, backing vocals) & Simon (drums, keyboards, backing vocals).

Erk FM: Extra 005 – Phoebe (Heaven The Axe) interview

by Erk

Welcome to episode 5 of Erk FM: Extra. On this episode, Erk chats with Phoebe who is the vocalist from Melbourne hard rock/metal band Heaven The Axe. During this very frank interview, Phoebe shares various stories about growing up in the country and then moving to the mean streets of Sydney & Melbourne to follow her musical dream. The episode starts out with the best reason ever to be late for an Erk FM interview.

Erk FM: Special Delta – The Time Has Come (part 4 – final). #mevioluxury

by Erk

In the final part of this 4 part special feature, Erk concludes the #mevioluxury series of blog posts with the nails in the Mevio coffin being inserted by the company. This part features episode 196 of The Bugcast.

Erk FM: Special Charlie – The Tension, It Is Rising #mevioluxury (Part 3)

by Erk

This is part 3 of a 4 part blog series where Erk explains the events at the end of January/start of February 2012 which led him to stop recording podcasts for a week. As a bonus & for other reasons to be explained in the blog series, each post will feature an unedited podcast episode from an affected podcaster. This Erk FM Special episode (Charlie) will feature episode 506 of the Dark Compass Podcast hosted by Rowley.

Erk FM: Special Bravo – Sitting On My Hands Waiting For Support Is Not An Option #mevioluxury (part 2)

by Erk

This is part 2 of a 4 part blog series where Erk explains the events at the end of January/start of February 2012 which led him to stop recording podcasts for a week. As a bonus & for other reasons to be explained in the blog series, each post will feature an unedited podcast episode from an affected podcaster. This Erk FM Special episode (Bravo) will feature episode 386 of the PC Podcast hosted by Pete Cogle.

Erk FM: Special Alpha – Busy Week Made Worse! Mevio Jumping The Shark? #mevioluxury (part 1)

by Erk

The week commencing Sunday 22 January 2012 was always going to be a busy week. Little did I know at the time how the events at the end of that week would effect the following week for me & many others. The featured podcast for this post is the Ourobouros podcast. Colin was one of two people who inspired (and continue to inspire) me to becoming a music podcaster in the first place. Colin rants extensively on the issue. As Dave from The Bugcast would say, Colin could rant for England.

Channel Erk Special Announcement Episode – New Subscriptions & New Website #mevioluxury

by Erk

This special episode gives you an update of what is happening around Channel Erk with the podcasts resuming today (Monday 06 February 2012) commencing with Erk FM: Metal Monday episode 19. If you listen to this via a show subscription for an individual show or the Channel Erk Mega Feed, you will continue to receive regular episodes. See the website for more details.

Erk FM: Metal Monday 19 – New Beginnings And Dark Compass Gazing By Order Of Deadman #mevioluxury

by Erk

Welcome to episode 19 of Erk FM: Metal Monday. After the dramas around episode 18 due to the un-announced suspension of Erk's previous audio host, Erk is back with a new episode of Metal Monday on a new subscription. The old subscription may still be available but episode 19 & beyond will not be on it. Recording this episode after an epic afternoon of female fronted rock & the announcement of the lineup for Deadfest 2012, Erk is excited to be back recording podcasts.

Erk FM: Extra 03 – Amodus interview

by Erk

This week's episode features Sydney melodic metal band Amodus (often shortened by their fans to Modus). Due to circumstances, this interview was done in 2 distinctive halves. The interview starts at Amodus band practice with Melina (bass), Rose (guitar) & Sarah (drums). This section was done in December 2011 prior to Very Metal Xmas 2011. The second half of the interview is with vocalist Michael in January 2012 prior to the public launch of their album Smokescreen.

Erk FM: Extra 04 – Domino interview

by Erk

This week's Erk FM: Extra episode is an interview with Sydney rock band Domino. We talk with Erica (vocals), Simon (guitar), Dennis (bass) & Pete (drums) about the early days of Domino, cover versions, live shows, plans for 2012 & a lot more. During the interview, you will hear the cover song Toxic City which is a mashup of Toxicity by System of a Down & Toxic by Britney Spears.

Erk FM: Extra 02 – Tony Dean interview

by Erk

This week's episode features a drummer come singer/songwriter/guitarist Tony Dean. If the name sounds familiar, you'll hear 2 more names of semi-recent Erk FM interviewees, Emma Dean (Tony's sister, Erk FM episode 150) and Fronz Arp (Erk FM episode 190) and some guy called Ben....

Erk FM: Extra 01 – Lee Safar interview

by Erk

This week's episode features singer/songwriter Lee Safar. Loving music as a child & learning instruments, she was what Erk describes as a musical coma for 12 years where Lee had a totally different life in the corporate world. Waking up out of the musical coma (so to speak), Lee re-discovered her passion for music as you will hear on this interview.

Erk FM 195 – Erk FM Earworm Special 2011

by Erk

This week's episode is the first earworm special for 2011. According to Erk, an earworm is a song that you are unable to get out of your head. To qualify as an Erk FM earworm for this show, the songs must have been played on Erk FM in 2011. This episode is the final episode of Erk FM in the current format. From next week, Erk FM splits into three pieces.

Erk FM 192 – Deadman eXplained interview

by Erk

This week's interview episode sees Erk joined by in-studio guest Scott from Deadman Industries as well as Foundry Road vocalist eXplain. During this interview, we find out what is happening with Foundry Road, the new Deadman eXplained line of clothing (coming soon) & how important merchandise can be to bands. We also find out why eXplain is entering the Mr/Miss Alternative competition.

Erk FM: Metal Monday 06 – Deadman In The House!

by Erk

This week's episode has a lot of death metal because of special in-studio guest, Scott from Deadman Industries. The opening voice for this week's episode is (not surprisingly) our in-studio guest. We are also joined by fellow Channel Erk host Judy (Erk's mum, host of Blast From The Past & Judy's Blast FM) aka Mother Headbanger.

Say Hello To Erk FM: Extra (Tuesday)

by Erk

Hosted by Erk, Erk FM: Extra commenced in December 2011. As part of an expansion of Channel Erk & Erk FM, Erk FM: Extra is released on Tuesdays as required featuring interviews, live recordings, special features & more from all styles of music. This show is included in the Channel Erk Mega Feed which enables you to receive every Channel Erk show on the one feed/subscription.

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