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Echo Romeo Kilo

Welcome to Echo Romeo Kilo

Originally, Echo Romeo Kilo One One (or Echo for short – One One stands for November) was a project for NaPodPoMo (National Podcast Post Month) which was designed for podcasters to produce a daily show every day in November.

I have experience in daily shows previously having done Erk Pod Mini for 5 months early in 2008. As an added challenge, I thought that I would invite Drue the co-host, Squeak and Orange Tim along for the ride. They are producing their own shows in November as well for NaPodPoMo.

My aim for Echo was to (obviously) record a podcast each day for November. I wanted to speak to a different person each day. Also, I’d often been asked work related questions (I am a train driver) at social events so I thought that I would incorporate that as well into Echo. Each day for November, I give a bit of train trivia, dispel a myth or give a factoid.

In addition, I also decided to basically record Echo for November in a mobile setting using my Zoom H4 recorder and my Nokia N95 phone combined. On occasions I also recorded on location which was a lot of fun.

I had questions about if I was going to continue Echo beyond November. Of course, I host Erk Pod. That will not change. But I decided that I like recording mobile on location so I decided that from December onwards, Echo will remain with an altered format. Instead of daily, Echo will be recorded ad-hoc with an aim of an episode a week from a mobile location. These mobile Echo recordings will usually be exclusive to Echo but some cross-use in both directions will apply.

So what can you expect? Episodes 1 – 30 cover the November period and the daily format of NaPodPoMo. After that, there will be some mobile content that has previously appeared on Erk Pod that will be made into Echo episodes and then there will be new Echo only content. Mobile Echo content will also include face to face interviews which may also appear on Erk Pod. There will be some changes in the weekly format compared to the daily comment as I might not automatically talk to someone include train based subject matter in each episode.

Enjoy Echo! Enjoy Echo! Enjoy Echo! (I had to get an Echo joke in there somewhere! LOL)


Daily Episodes

Episodes 1 – 30 were daily episodes produced for National Podcasting Post Month (NaPodPoMo) or as we called it at Erk Pod, Nannapoopoo. Most shows featured an interview, a piece of railway trivia and more. Some recordings were recorded at Erk’s place of employment.

Non Daily Shows (Echo 31 and beyond)

After show 30 and NaPodPoMo was over, Echo changed to a semi-regular ambient noise/mobile based podcast.


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