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Erk FM 60 – Drowning In A Whirpool of Music

by Erk

Welcome to episode 60 of Erk FM. On this episode, there is a wide range of music from Deuce Management & Promotion. It has been a very big week in the Erk FM studio with the upcoming commencement of Insomnia Radio: Australia as well as 6 artist interviews recorded this week (with interview 7 to come). For the moment, Erk FM will be coming to you down the pipe & into your ears twice a week during the rest of February & March with interviews on Tuesdays and the regular Erk FM episodes on Fridays. If you are subscribed to either the Erk FM or Channel Erk 5 in 1 feeds via iTunes or RSS, you will automatically get the interviews on Tuesdays as well as the regular shows.


Song list:


Erk enjoys creating new media, watching ice hockey and strange Chinese dating shows. Podcaster (2007 - 2014) and a new video gamer.

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  1. 13 February 10, 10:45am

    I like the song “Bubble”, and how it was about “living in a bubble”. Very different view than my song about living in a bubble. The Jawbone Band rocks!

    Chromatone sounds a bit like Justin Timberlake, and also like Maroon 5. :)

    I had no idea that Jason from Insomnia radio lives here in SLO too! I wonder if I’ve ever run into him back when I was still working for The Evil Bookstore.

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