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Erk FM 50a – Happy 50th Episode, Erk!

by Erk

Welcome to episode 50! 50 episodes might not seem a lot but in podcasting it is a long time, especially when you consider that I have played over 300 artists & over 50 hours of music in that time. So let’s sit back and relax and listen back to some tunes from previous Erk FM episodes.


There is so much content that the episode will be split into 2 pieces, episode 50a and episode 50b. Episode 50b will feature via iTunes on Xmas Eve 2009 and that will be followed on by the Erk FM Xmas Day 2009 special (episode 51).


Song list:

Bed music list:

Interview snippets of interviews in the US by Erk when he spoke with Sez GEric Kauschen & Chrissy Coughlin. For more of these interviews and more, go to the Erk FM Interview page.


Thank you to Rich Palmer from Audio Gumshoe, Colin from the Ourobouros podcast, Shawno & Jen from Phantom Power Media, Richard from the Wasting Time podcast, Les from Zaldor’s World, Tiggr from Boise & Beyond, Kimmi from The Rock Deli & The Metal Deli and of course Judy from the Channel Erk for the comments that were played/read on the show.


Also, a massive thank you to all of the listeners of Erk FM, the Association of Music Podcasting, the artists, PR companies and management groups – without you all, Erk FM would be impossible.


Erk enjoys creating new media, watching ice hockey and strange Chinese dating shows. Podcaster (2007 - 2014) and a new video gamer.


  1. 21 December 09, 4:28pm

    Happy 50th show. Some good songs in this one.

  2. 31 December 09, 3:20pm

    Happy 50th episode! :)
    I really liked the mix of voices and sounds you put together towards the start of the show, and listening to all the comments you got from people. And thanks for the shout-outs for me and Shawn.

    And I LOVE the song “Do Si Do”! :D But you knew that.
    “Citizens of Contrary Knowledge?” Wait…. oh! I get it now! :D LOL

    Great music on this episode.

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