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Erk FM 49 – Erk FM 2009 Musical United Nations Tour: Europe

by Erk



Welcome to the final concert of the 2009 Erk FM Musical United Nations Tour. For this episode, music comes to you from across Europe.


All music for the tour supplied by Jamendo. Theme music for this tour series is “Around the World” by Natalie Brown (extracts used with permission). You can hear the song in full on episode 34 of Erk FM. Ambient noise obtained from The Free Sound Project. Concert tickets from Concert Ticket Maker.


Song list:


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  1. 15 December 09, 2:55pm

    Couple of the instrumental tracks in this episode sounded cool.

  2. 24 December 09, 12:26pm

    “Velvet Embracer” was delightfully different sounding.

    “Robot in Love” is a very cool song! I really liked all the little computer generate, video game type sounds in it. Do robots fall in love? Well, nabaztags get married, sometimes. Does that count?

    I really enjoyed “Se Ne Va”. Italian is similar to Spanish, so I understood a word or two here and there. Very catchy, and fun song.

    You don’t want to dance with Free Bird Guy, Erk? LOL That was funny! I’m actually going to miss Free Bird Guy, now that this Musical United Nations Tour is over.

    “Lone Wolf” was interesting. I like the way to wolf sounds mixed into the song. That was different, but cool!

    You found a Haiku song! :D Awesome! I can’t figure out if the song is in haiku or not, because I lost track of counting syllables right away. I love this song! The mix of different rhythms is wonderful, and I like the overall sound of it. Going to keep Amity in Fame in mind :) Also, thanks for the shout-out.

    Great show, once again! The Musical United Nation Tour Series was such a great idea, and really fun to listen to!

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