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Simulated Erk: LSPDFR Episode 9 – Nightshift General Duties Patrol

by Erk



Welcome to Simulated Erk: LSPDFR episode 9. On this episode, Simulated Erk and partner Rodney Farva patrol downtown Los Santos in a caged truck, primarily designed for prisoner transport.



Erk’s Master LSPDFR Mods List

This is a master list of featured mods that Erk uses during this LSPDFR episode. Links are subject to change due to updates therefore links will be to the relevant site and/or the creator’s website if known. This list is being updated regularly on Erk’s main LSPDFR page. Other mods may appear on videos and will be referenced if possible on this main mod and/or episode mod list. Some vehicles may also appear in the background in episodes that are not listed here. There is a much longer list that features many more background vehicles and items.


* indicates author’s YouTube channel (highly recommended)



  • LSPDFR – G17 Media (LSPDFR)
  • LSPDFR+, LSPDFR Troubleshooter, Arrest Manager, Traffic Policer, Siren Mastery, Assorted Callouts – Albo1125* (LSPDFR)
  • Update Manager, Custom Car DLC, Agency Callouts, Patrol Toolkit, Police Partner, Search Warrant, GTA Comes Alive – Darkmyre* (LSPDFR)
  • Better EMS, Custom Backup – PNWParksFan (LSPDFR)
  • Emergency Uniforms Pack – Alex Ashfold (LSPDFR)
  • Make Visuals Great Again – Kompetenzz (LSPDFR)
  • KTFDO – Khorio (LSPDFR)





  • Metro Train: Original from GTA V. Reskinned into NSW Transport Light Rail livery by Skillful Corpse (LSPDFR). Train lengthened by markalbarez (GTA V Mods).
  • Freight Train: Original from GTA V. Loco reskinned into Pacific National livery & wagons into various liveries by gregb150 (LSPDFR).


Featured Police Vehicles:

  • Episode 9 – NSW Police Toyota Hilux General Duties Caged Truck by Macgregor (LSPDFR)
  • Episode 9 – GTA original Maverick helicopter (LSPDFR)



Erk enjoys creating new media, watching ice hockey and strange Chinese dating shows. Podcaster (2007 - 2014) and a new video gamer.

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