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Erk FM 46 – Heapsaflash: Australian Special

by Erk

Welcome to a special episode of Erk FM. The music has been totally programmed by Will Alexander from Queensland promoters Heapsaflash. So sit back and relax and listen to this extended episode of Erk FM.


Song list:



Erk enjoys creating new media, watching ice hockey and strange Chinese dating shows. Podcaster (2007 - 2014) and a new video gamer.


  1. 24 November 09, 2:56pm

    Some epic podcasting here. I keep hearing that Blue Juice song all over the place. Sounds good.

  2. 14 December 09, 2:31pm

    “Special Patrol”? LOL! That’s what my previous job title should have been! ;)

    Bluejuice is awesome! I really like that song.

    Really didn’t like the remake of “Sweet Child of Mine”. I’m too much of a GNR fan to like it by anyone but them. It just sounds so wrong to me whenever anybody else covers GNR. Not to say that this version was “bad”, it was actually quite an interesting take on the song. But, it’s not GNR! And so, I cringe. It’s not ok to remake GNR, unless you are at karaoke, and drunk. Then it’s fine. ;)

    I’m pretty sure I have the Salt N Pepa album that “Push It” is on. I, too, remember dancing to this song and many school dances. The cover version by Kristy Apps was kinda cool. Very different interpretation!

    Awesome music on this episode! :)

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