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Erk FM 44 – 2009 Earworm Special

by Erk

Welcome to the first Channel Erk Earworm Special. “What’s an earworm, Erk?” I hear you ask? Well, an earworm is a song or a tune that you can’t get out of your head after you hear it. So this episode features some earworms from the first year of Erk FM!


Song list:



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  1. 08 November 09, 5:04pm

    It’s good to hear this earworm-worthy tracks again. I think it’d be good for the artists if podcasters made a habit out of playing some songs on a regular basis. That’s what radio does, after all. What I mean is, most music podcasts play completely different tracks every week. And while that’s good because it gives a lot of different artists some exposure, it also causes a lot of artists to get lost in the shuffle. So what I’m really saying is, more earworm shows plz.

  2. jennymaid
    14 November 09, 2:24pm

    Ok I am going to listen to this earworm special this afternoon and report back later to see which song is the most earworm-worthy. Will let you know which song is stuck in my head when my research is complete. :>)

  3. jennymaid
    14 November 09, 8:33pm

    Well the experiment is over and the winner is: “This is not the time yeah, this is not the place!!!!!” That is now stuck in my brain.

  4. 30 November 09, 9:36am

    I love earworms! :)

    One of my favorite songs you’ve ever played is “Do Si Do” by Julie the band.
    “Putting On My Catsuit” by Sez G is extremely catchy, and “Subway Man” is fun to dance to.
    The song by the FuMP always makes me lol.

    D Generation was funny. I’ve never heard of them before.

    Great show!

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