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Erk FM 39 – 2009 Erk FM Musical United Nations Tour : Africa

by Erk


Erk FM 39 – 2009 Erk FM Musical United Nations Tour : Africa

Welcome to the third show of the 2009 Erk FM Musical United Nations Tour. We move from Australia to New Zealand and now feature music from Africa.


All music for the tour supplied by Jamendo. Theme music for this tour series is “Around the World” by Natalie Brown (extracts used with permission). You can hear the song in full on episode 34 of Erk FM. Ambient noise obtained from The Free Sound Project. Concert tickets from Concert Ticket Maker.


Song list:

  • Final Escape – Jackal + Wolf (South Africa)
  • Groove – Brian Silberbauer (South Africa)
  • A Love Song – Nate Maingard (South Africa)
  • About Sex – Nate Maingard (South Africa)
  • Demented Toys – Trinity (South Africa)
  • I Love My Music – S.Y.P.T (South Africa)
  • Between The Nations – Vatis Siwany (Cameroon)
  • Why – Vatis Siwany (Cameroon)
  • Far Terminal – Drenched (Egypt)
  • Light Ride – Akh-Point (Morocco)
  • Down Of My Trance – Dj Ramine (Morocco)
  • Spawn Anthemn – Hell Spawn (Tunisia)
  • Losing The War – BmR (Tunisia)



Erk enjoys creating new media, watching ice hockey and strange Chinese dating shows. Podcaster (2007 - 2014) and a new video gamer.


  1. 03 October 09, 6:29pm

    Quite a variety of musical styles! If you hadn’t told me, I would not have guessed that all these artists were from Africa.
    I thought all the music was cool, but I especially loved the song “Demented Toys” by Trinity, and the song “Why” by “Between the Nations” by Vatis Siwany, and the song “Far Terminal” by Drenched.

    Nice to see “Freebird Guy” hasn’t given up yet. ;)

  2. 04 October 09, 5:56am

    Did “Free Bird” guy really have to tag along to Africa? I hope he gets trampled by elephants.

    And that song by Akh-Point sounds like the music they play at Evo’s.

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