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Erk FM OZ Banner 950 X 150 August 2012

Erk FM: Australia 450 – Front & Centre

by Shawn

Me Women Of Rock Sausagefest 05022012



Welcome to Erk FM: Australia episode 450. On this episode, Erk features some bands that he has seen live that have really made an impression on him as he celebrates another milestone. There are plenty of great Australian bands out there who are doing their best to have their music heard. Erk has seen all of these bands live and has various levels of involvement with the bands since meeting them. 


All music supplied by the artists directly.


Song list (all times are approximate)


Shawno made his debut appearance on Erk Pod midway through 2008. Since then, he has appeared on several Channel Erk shows and been a great supporter of Erk with support, technical assistance and website work for many years.

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