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Erk FM 34 – 100% Female III

by Erk

Erk FM 34 – 100% Female III






Photo – Some bands have 1 or 2 female members however Sydney 3 piece band Beaufields are 100% female!



Erk is super AMPed to be presenting this episode of Erk FM. The studio has been re-painted, Erk is sitting on the other side of the studio and he is also preparing to present next week’s episode of AMPed New Music Weekly(episode 194). That episode will be released on the AMP website and AMPed feed on Monday 31 August.


This week, Erk presents more female fronted music for your enjoyment over a variety of music styles!


Song list:


Feedback by Shawno and Jen from Hyper Nonsense.


Around the World by Natalie Brown will be the theme for the 2009 Erk FM Musical United Nations Tour that starts next week. The first stop of the tour will be (of course) Erk’s home country of Australia.


Erk enjoys creating new media, watching ice hockey and strange Chinese dating shows. Podcaster (2007 - 2014) and a new video gamer.


  1. 29 August 09, 12:59am

    Hi ERK! Awesome show. Really loved being introduced to some amazing female musical talent. Thank you so much for using my music in this show and also for your upcoming tour! WHOOOT Let’s rock around the world! Peace, Nat

  2. 29 August 09, 2:51pm

    Another excellent theme-based show, Erk. The song “Bus Stop,” as heard on this episode by Lori Liberman, was originally performed/recorded by The Hollies.

  3. 01 September 09, 2:19pm

    I must be all caught up now; some of my feedback has made it into the feedback part of this episode. :D

    I’m really enjoying these all female episodes of Erk FM. I think it’s because it’s both a theme show, and a show with a great variety of different kinds of music, all in the same episode.

    It was nice to hear Jennings once again. I played her song on my Inside My Head podcast not too long ago.

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