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Erk FM 32 – Instrumental

by Erk

Erk FM 32 – Instrumental





Photo – “DRUM SOLO!” Probably not what Erk had in mind for this episode. Got to love a drum solo, though!



Welcome to this unusual episode of Erk FM. Get your air guitars ready! It’s instrumental time! Music courtesy of the artists directly, Ariel Publicity & the Podsafe Music Network.


Song list:

  • The Funky Farm – Michael Kelsey (direct)
  • Overland – Michael Kelsey (direct)
  • Electric Elves – Michael Kelsey (direct)
  • The Longest Road – Kelly Richey (Ariel Publicity)
  • Stealth Geek – Savium (Podsafe Music Network – thanks, Trucker Tom)
  • 005-1 Electric Guitar – 2006 Plastic Soul (Podsafe Music Network)
  • 001-1 Acoustic Guitar – 2006 Plastic Soul (Podsafe Music Network)
  • Top Down – Christy McLaren (Podsafe Music Network)
  • My Crazy Elephant – Evolution Punks (Podsafe Music Network)
  • Mexican Bullet Train – Moth Music (Podsafe Music Network)
  • I’ve Got A Guitar (and I know how to use it) – Eric from the Let’s Get Naughty podcast (direct). Hear my interview with Eric here where he talks about interviewing pron stars, sex podcasting, music & more (Erk Pod 183).

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