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Erk To The Diary Room 17 – On The Inside, The Roses Grow

by Erk

Erk TV

Erk To The Diary Room 17 – On The Inside, The Roses Grow









Welcome to episode 17 of Erk To The Diary Room. On this episode, Erk discusses the 2013 version of Prisoner (also known as Prisoner: Cell Block H) called Wentworth. Prisoner was one of Australia’s longest running drama series & was ground-breaking at the time. It was also one of the few adult shows that Erk was able to watch as a child – not that he understood everything that was going on.


Erk also reviews the latest series of fire department drama – Chicago Fire. It was so realistic that local media thought that a made-for-TV plane crash was the real thing and reported it as a real plane crash. Oops.


Train driver by profession but podcasting with passion since 2007, Erk has a range of podcasts including music (Erk FM), talk (Erk Pod, Erk To The Diary Room) and more. He has podcasted in Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, North America, Europe, the UK & parts of Asia.


  1. 05 May 13, 8:29am

    A friend of mine in Illinois e-mailed me the story of the TV channel reporting the fake plane crash as actual news. LOLZ.

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