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Erk To The Diary Room 02 – Amazing Race Around The Block

by Erk

Erk To The Diary Room 02 – Amazing Race Around The Block










Welcome to episode 2 of Erk To The Diary Room. On this episode, Erk discusses two reality shows that he has recently watched, The Amazing Race Australia & The Block. Both shows have been on Australian TV for several years however 2012 is the first year that Erk has watched of each series.


The Amazing Race Australia (Channel 7)


The basic premise is that 11 teams left Australia. Travelling over 65 000km, 9 countries & 4 continents, teams have challenges, tasks and travel to complete. The team running last is eliminated along the way until there is one winner back in Australia. Teams consist of 2 people. The Australian version has now had 2 seasons while the American version has had 21 seasons. [Official site]


The Block (Channel 9)

The basic premise is that teams of 2 have to totally renovate a property & sell the renovated property at auction. Rooms are renovated & judged weekly. Challenges & winning room judging adds money & prizes for the team for upcoming weeks. There now has been 5 Australian series with other versions in New Zealand, Iceland, Ireland, The Netherlands & the UK. [Official site]


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Erk enjoys creating new media, watching ice hockey and strange Chinese dating shows. Podcaster (2007 - 2014) and a new video gamer.

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  1. 21 August 12, 3:44pm

    I haven’t watched “Amazing Race” in years, and when I did, it was (obviously) the American version. On those shows, if a team ran out of money, they had to panhandle for cash in the streets of whatever city they were stuck in.

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