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Erk FM 21 – Australiana

by Erk

Erk FM 21 – Australiana





Photo – You can’t get much more Australian than the Sydney Harbour Bridge, can you?



Welcome to the third Australian music special here on Erk FM. Previous Australian music specials were episodes 8 & 10. It’s getting close to Erk’s return home to Australia so let’s celebrate with some Australian music. Today it’s not about the genre but about Australian music.


Thanks again to Colin from the Ourobouros podcast and Rowley from Dark Compass. These guys based in the UK are VERY good at finding Australian music. Thank you also to my Erk Pod co-host Drue (who also hosts Da Novemba Advencha) for suggesting that I find some Aboriginal music. Thanks to IODA Promonet and the music label Indigenous Australia, I have found some! Check out the Indigenous Australia website if you want to know more about the Aboriginal music featured on this week’s episode. There are also some classic Australiana songs that you’d hear on radio, performed in pubs or played on records or tapes in days gone by.


Song list:


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  1. 08 June 09, 1:31pm

    Nice didgeridoo jams, Erk.

  2. 23 August 09, 3:13pm

    All of these songs were new to me. I don’t often get to hear songs with didgeridoos in them. Very cool!

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