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Erk FM 16 – Americana III

by Erk

Erk FM 16 – Americana III




Photo – An American flag flying proudly in Boise, Idaho.





Welcome to episode 16 of Erk FM. We continue the Americana theme because Erk is still in the US. This series will conclude in episode 18. To follow Erk in real time, check out his talk podcast Erk Pod. All music in this episode comes from the Podsafe Music Network.


Song List:




Erk enjoys creating new media, watching ice hockey and strange Chinese dating shows. Podcaster (2007 - 2014) and a new video gamer.

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  1. 20 August 09, 5:56pm

    Hey, there’s my theme music, snuck somewhere in the middle of stuff there! What a nice surprise. :) But, it’s not actually an Apple loop. The Inside My Head theme song is something I put together myself, with little snippets of “instruments” found in Garageband. It’s an original.

    Thanks for playing that, and also for playing the Hyper Nonsense promo. Always appreciated!

    You found some really beautiful music for this show, Erk. Good job!

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