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Erk FM 14 – Americana II

by Erk

Erk FM 14 – Americana II






Photo – Smoke machine + stage lighting = interesting effect!






Welcome to episode 14 of Erk FM. Erk is still in America so we’ll continue the Americana theme. This will also continue in episode 16 and 18. All music in this week’s episode is from the Podsafe Music Network. To keep up with Erk’s travels in real time, check out his talk podcast Erk Pod.


Song list:




Train driver by profession but podcasting with passion since 2007, Erk has a range of podcasts including music (Erk FM), talk (Erk Pod, Erk To The Diary Room) and more. He has podcasted in Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, North America, Europe, the UK & parts of Asia.

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  1. 20 August 09, 5:42am

    That first song, “Off to California” was very nice! It almost sounded Celtic, and was relaxing to listen to.

    The song “Showdown” was a great choice for an Americana show, in my opinion. The subject matter, about a showdown in The Old West, is great. I liked the way they added in sounds from Western movies too.

    That promo you played with “Squeak@me” never fails to make me laugh! :D

    Great show, Erk! I enjoyed every song. :)

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