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Erk FM: Metal Monday 48 – Erkstock, Erkstock, Party Time, Excellent!

by Erk

Erk FM: Metal Monday 48 – Erkstock, Erkstock, Party Time, Excellent!












Welcome to episode 48 of Erk FM: Metal Monday. The interviews were recorded at Erkstock, celebrating Erk’s birthday. In total, a mixture of 5 hard rock & metal bands played on the occasion at the Valve Bar.


Smokin Mirrors & Vanity Riots opened the event and both bands joined forces for an interview. Smokin Mirrors could almost live at the Valve while for Vanity Riots, it is their penultimate gig with their current lineup.


Next up was Hard As Nails, this interview was Erk’s first with the entire band. On this occasion, Hard As Nails debuted 2 new songs including one for their hard working roadie Jenn, who also assisted Erk greatly with the running of this event with her new venture Roadie Entertainment.


Cranking things up to 11 for the metal end of the evening were Gutter Tactic who really had a massive mosh pit happening. Foundry Road played their best live version of Safety Dance yet as well as the fastest version of Rise they have ever played.


It was an epic event that could not have happened without the bands, the venue & the promoters. The crowd contributed to a great afternoon & evening of music! 


Erk enjoys creating new media, watching ice hockey and strange Chinese dating shows. Podcaster (2007 - 2014) and a new video gamer.


  1. 29 August 12, 10:44am

    Erkstock sounds like an epic event. That’s a hell of a way to celebrate your birthday, mate. Well done!

  2. 31 August 12, 12:05pm

    I just relived the entire event! This would have to be my fave podcast of yours. AWESOME! Thanks again for having us play … was just epic \m/ isyV (Hard as Nails)

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