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Erk FM 7 – Let’s Dance

by Erk

Erk FM 07 – Let’s Dance





Photo – Well, Erk, that’s ALMOST dancing in the biggest little city in the world!



Welcome to episode 7 of Erk FM. Are you ready to dance? If not, go get your dancing shoes! I’ll wait! Music is from Ariel Publicity, Music SUBMIT & IODA Promonet.


Song list:


And on this episode, Erk FM celebrates becoming a member of the Association of Music Podcasting (AMP). Thanks to the AMP members who have welcomed me!


I am also looking for podcasters who have theme songs that I can play in full on Erk FM episode 15 (Friday 17 April) but I need the audio and link info rather soon! As an example, listen back to episode 1 where I did the same thing. Links to the podcast and artist will be given.


Podcasts mentioned:

  • Blast From the Past – Erk’s social/family history podcast with his mum. This is part of Channel Erk!

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Train driver by profession but podcasting with passion since 2007, Erk has a range of podcasts including music (Erk FM), talk (Erk Pod, Erk To The Diary Room) and more. He has podcasted in Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, North America, Europe, the UK & parts of Asia.