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Erk FM 3 – 100% Female (apart from Tee and Me)

by Erk

Erk FM 03  100% Female (apart from Tee & Me







Photo – Many people associate women in music with vocalists but there’s also many great female musicians out there who don’t sing. A classic example is Amodus’ bass player, Melina.




Welcome to episode 3 of Erk FM. On this episode, you will hear exclusively female artists from Ariel Publicity. These female artists cover a range of genres.


Song list:





Train driver by profession but podcasting with passion since 2007, Erk has a range of podcasts including music (Erk FM), talk (Erk Pod, Erk To The Diary Room) and more. He has podcasted in Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, North America, Europe, the UK & parts of Asia.


  1. 01 February 09, 5:25am

    Good show, Erk. Enjoying the theme-based programs.

  2. 01 February 09, 1:16pm

    I agree, the fourteen year old, Miranda Vettrus, is impressive. I don’t write songs that good, and nearly twice her age. ;)

    The theme based shows are a great idea. This was fun.

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