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Erk FM 2 – Go Hard Or Go Home

by Erk

Erk FM 02 – Go Hard Or Go Home






Photo – He might look calm in this photo but in a few short minutes, Michael from Sydney melodic metal band Amodus won’t be so calm!






Welcome to episode 2 of Erk FM. Thank you to everyone who gave feedback about episode 1 including Colin from the Ourobouros podcast, Rowley from the Dark Compass podcast, Shawno from Hyper Nonsense and Jacob from Canadia.


On this episode, we “go hard or go home.” But if you want to go harder still, check out the Metal version of Dark Compass, the Dark Compass Metal Show. Next week on Erk FM, we’ll hear from the ladies!


Song list:

  • “Go” – Ammp (Podsafe Music Network)
  • “Ironman” – Ammp (Podsafe Music Network)
  • “Sunday Afternoon” – Last November (Ariel Publicity)
  • “The Bumper Sticker Song” – Last November (Ariel Publicity)
  • “Sit Up” – Kill The Alarm (Podsafe Music Network)
  • “The Right Way” – The Sidebars (Phantom Power Media)
  • “Good Year for a Change” – The Brillant Mistakes (Ariel Publicity)



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Music courtesy of Ariel Publicity, the Podsafe Music Network & Phantom Power Media as shown above.



Erk enjoys creating new media, watching ice hockey and strange Chinese dating shows. Podcaster (2007 - 2014) and a new video gamer.


  1. 24 January 09, 8:32pm

    Thanks for playing The Sidebars track, Erk. Kinda sad to hear it along side all of those properly recorded/mixed/mastered tracks. It is just a demo, after all.

    Enjoyed the rest of the show, too. Looking forward to the next installment.

  2. 26 January 09, 1:22pm

    Yay, Ammp! So nice to hear them again. Also enjoyed hearing Last November. Both bands are ones whose songs seem to stick in my head lately.

    Thank you for playing the Hyper Nonsense promo, and also for playing our song, “The Right Way”. My, don’t we feel loved by ErkFM today! ;)

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