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Erk FM: Metal Monday 27 – Invading The Basement!

by Erk

Erk FM: Metal Monday 27 – Invading The Basement






Photo – Look out! NASJAP vocalist Acey has superpowers where he can shoot laser beams out of his head!


Welcome to episode 27 of Erk FM: Metal Monday. This episode was recorded at The Basement in the Canberra (ACT) suburb of Belconnen. Part interviews, part live recordings of music, there’s a special treat for long time Erk FM: Metal Monday listeners at the end of the episode.


Erk went to Canberra to see 3 bands that he has seen in Sydney before for 3 different reasons. The first band we hear from is Sydney band Tensions Arise. They were performing in Australia at The Basement for the last time before their massive US adventure which is coming up rather soon. They’ve always had fun in Canberra & Erk is thankful that this is an audio podcast!


Second band on the episode (but the final band on the night) was The Creptter Children. Originally from Perth, they now call Melbourne home. Erk first saw them in Sydney & it was their first trip to Canberra. Erk hasn’t seen them in Melbourne yet. They drove through the night (Friday night into Saturday) to get to the gig, rested, played the gig & then drove back through the night (Saturday night going into Sunday) to get back to Melbourne. Unlike the other 2 bands featured, this was the first time that Erk had interviewed this band (it won’t be the last) so there are elements of an extended Erk FM interview.


The final live set & interview you will hear powering up is 8 bit superheroes Not Another Sequel Just Another Prequel. Sydney’s band with the longest name ever (thankfully with the much easier to type & say acronym of NASJAP were launching their debut album The Trilogy volume 4. There are further shows coming to launch the album in the near future including in Sydney, Newcastle & Brisbane.


It was Erk’s first time at The Basement in Canberra (there is a venue of the same name in Sydney that is a very different type of venue!) however many Sydney & Melbourne bands have played there before & love the venue.


And to finish the episode, a special treat totally unrelated to the rest of the episode – Erk could not wait for next week!


Erk enjoys creating new media, watching ice hockey and strange Chinese dating shows. Podcaster (2007 - 2014) and a new video gamer.

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    […] Sydney metal, Not Another Sequel Just Another Prequel. You can hear some of the Canberra launch on episode 27 including an interview. Some of NASJAP’s fans are now using their album as a unit of […]

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