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Erk FM: Extra 08 – Heathen Eyes interview

by Erk

Erk FM: Extra 08 – Heathen Eyes interview





Photo – Heathen Eyes outside The Valve in Sydney.





Welcome to episode 8 of Erk FM: Extra. This week’s interview is with hard rock/metal band Heathen Eyes who are based in Auckland, New Zealand. The band were in Sydney to compete in the Global Battle Of The Bands competition.


The interview was recorded in an Irish pub in the centre of Sydney on Thursday afternoon. That night, they were performing at one of Erk’s favourite Sydney venues – The Valve. On Saturday night, the band competition was held at the Evan Theatre at Panthers.


Thank you to Sarah from Black Frog Event & Artist Management for her assistance in organising the interview & for allowing me to be a part of the band’s Sydney adventure. 


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