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Erk FM: Extra 005 – Phoebe (Heaven The Axe) interview

by Erk

Erk FM: Extra 005 – Phoebe (Heaven The Axe) interview













Welcome to episode 5 of Erk FM: Extra. On this episode, Erk chats with Phoebe who is the vocalist from Melbourne hard rock/metal band Heaven The Axe. During this very frank interview, Phoebe shares various stories about growing up in the country and then moving to the mean streets of Sydney & Melbourne to follow her musical dream. The episode starts out with the best reason ever to be late for an Erk FM interview.


As heard on Erk FM: Metal Monday episode 18, Phoebe is surrounded by an awesome group of musicians who have been in several other Australian metal bands in Heaven The Axe. During this episode, we hear songs Enemy & Unconditional Love from the album “Sex, Chugs & Rock ‘N’ Roll”.



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