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Erk FM: International 223 – #CXCW2012 (Week 1)

by Erk

Erk FM: International 223 – #CXCW2012 (Week 1)











Welcome to week 1 of Couch X Couchwest (CXCW) 2012 on Erk FM: International. Following on from last week’s episode (episode 221) which features tracks from last year’s Couch X Couchwest, this week’s episode is the first of 3 CXCW specials this month featuring tracks from participating artists in 2012. While CXCW requires video to be filmed from anywhere that isn’t a stage, there are some tracks on this episode that have been recorded in a studio environment.


You can see many videos that have been created for CXCW plus a lot more about the World’s Best Online Music Festival at the official CXCW website. All music on this episode supplied directly by the artists & used with direct permission. Thank you to the CXCW team for involving me in the festival this year & helping me to promote this show while I am promoting the festival.


Song list:


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