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Erk FM: Metal Monday 22 – The Kiwi Metal Army Invasion

by Erk

Erk FM: Metal Monday 22 – The Kiwi Metal Army Invasion












Welcome to episode 22  of Erk FM: Metal Monday. Erk is based in Sydney, Australia. To the east about 3 hours flying time away are Erk’s near neighbours, New Zealand. Many people come from New Zealand to Australia for various reasons and if they succeed on the world stage, Australians often claim them as their own. Surprisingly though, Erk has always had some trouble finding Kiwi music through his regular music suppliers, especially when it comes to metal.


Then Erk found a Facebook page called The NZ Metal Army. Enter Anna from Rare Breed Records based on the Gold Coast – she was able to put me into contact with the bands featured on this special and more.  All music supplied directly by the artists or via Rare Breed Records.


Song list:


Train driver by profession but podcasting with passion since 2007, Erk has a range of podcasts including music (Erk FM), talk (Erk Pod, Erk To The Diary Room) and more. He has podcasted in Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, North America, Europe, the UK & parts of Asia.

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