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Erk FM: Metal Monday 21 – Blue Freya + Annandale Hotel + Gutter Tactic = Metal Monday 21!

by Erk

Erk FM: Metal Monday 21 – Blue Freya + Annandale Hotel + Gutter Tactic = Metal Monday 21!







Photo – Prior to recording 3 mini interviews with Erk, Gutter Tactic were on stage at the Annandale Hotel



Welcome to episode 21 of Erk FM: Metal Monday. Like last week’s episode, music was supplied by BlueFreya – this time we feature BlueFreya artists located outside Australia. This episode was  recorded on location at the Annandale Hotel, Sydney. The Annandale is a live music icon in Sydney (especially for indie bands) that has been under a cloud recently. During this episode, there was a gig going on in the main gig room with 2 separate stages – while one band was setting up on one stage, another band were playing on the opposite stage & vice versa. This meant very little down time for the punters as bands changed over.


During the episode, Erk has a quick chat to 3 of the members of Sydney metal band Gutter Tactic featuring Nick & Tom (both guitarists) as well as new vocalist Chris. Thanks to Chris for being the Erk FM: Metal Monday opening voice on this episode. There is a live recording of a Gutter Tactic song as well as the 3 interviews – an extended interview with the entire band will be done soon. Thanks to Nick for organising the other band members to have a short chat with me at short notice.


Song list:


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