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Erk FM: Extra 03 – Amodus interview

by Erk

Erk FM: Extra 03 – Amodus interview






Graphic – This August 2011 gig would have been a good gig for Erk to see & he would have except he was in Europe at the time.






This week’s episode features Sydney melodic metal band Amodus (often shortened by their fans to Modus). Due to circumstances, this interview was done in 2 distinctive halves. The interview starts at Amodus band practice with Melina (bass), Rose (guitar) & Sarah (drums). This section was done in December 2011 prior to Very Metal Xmas 2011. The second half of the interview is with vocalist Michael in January 2012 prior to the public launch of their album Smokescreen.


There will be another interview with Amodus later in 2012 where I will ensure all the band members are in the same room at the same time.



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