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Erk FM: Metal Monday 14 – 2012 Starts Now

by Erk

Erk FM: Metal Monday 14 – 2012 Starts Now





Photo – Erk likes it when the band members make an effort & do a pose for my camera – sometimes they even do it mid song. Empirical’s vocalist Kat is no exception during this NSW Central Coast performance late in 2011.




Welcome to episode 14 of Erk FM: Metal Monday, Erk’s heavy rock/metal music podcast featuring a wide range of podsafe, unsigned & independent heavy rock & metal music from across the world.

This week’s episode sees the start of a new year, a new look to the studio & a lot more. Before Erk FM: Metal Monday started, Rowley from the Dark Compass Metal Show gave Erk a lot of metal to listen to. To celebrate Rowley’s recent milestone episode 500 of the Dark Compass podcast (OMG that’s a lot of quality music from one of the men who originally inspired Erk to “come to the dark side of music podcasting”), Erk thought he’d let Rowley program the show by proxy this week.


The opening voice for this week’s episode is (not surprisingly) Rowley from Dark Compass.



Song list:



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