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Erk FM: Extra 01 – Lee Safar interview

by Erk

Erk FM: Extra 01 – Lee Safar interview











This week’s episode (the very first under the banner of Erk FM: Extra) features singer/songwriter Lee Safar. Loving music as a child & learning instruments, she was what Erk describes as a musical coma for 12 years where Lee had a totally different life in the corporate world. Waking up out of the musical coma (so to speak), Lee re-discovered her passion for music as you will hear on this interview. The interview was recorded at a cafe in Darlinghurst & is exactly as recorded.


During the interview, you’ll hear how Lee went from rock to electronica dance music, her newest program to bring musicians in Sydney (to start with) together, the difference between the music scenes in Sydney & LA, her love of peanut butter & a lot more.


[Lee Safar website] [Lee on Facebook] [Lee on Twitter – @leesafar] [Music Street Jam (Facebook)]


Music supplied by the artist directly – you can hear Lee’s new single We Jump.



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