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Erk FM: International 205 – Audio Rokit Is Go!

by Erk

Erk FM: International 205 – Audio Rokit Is Go!

Photobombed by a clown! Erk was at a Foundry Road gig (no surprise!) taking a photo of guitarist Scotty mid song & I got photobombed by vocalist eXplain (aka Clown Boy)


Welcome to episode 205 of Erk FM: International, Erk’s multi-genre music podcast featuring a wide range of podsafe, unsigned & independent music from across the world every Wednesday. If you love Australian music, be sure to tune into Erk FM: Australia each Friday.

This week’s episode features a range of music from a new music source – Audio Rokit. The website is based in the UK. One day while sorting through my music emails, I received an email from Audio Rokit telling me about the service. After I signed up, I placed an ad telling people about the podcast & the artists you are about to hear responded. I can then look at their bio, listen to their music (including a cool feature which allows you to skip to the chorus of a song) and more. I then tell them if I want to play their music or not. And it’s free!


Music supplied by the artists via Audio Rokit.


Song list:


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