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Erk FM 134 – If You Get Naked, You Might End Up In A Police Car Ever After In Anytown…..

by Erk

Welcome to episode 134 of Erk FM, Erk’s music podcast featuring a wide range of podsafe & independent music from across the world. 


This week’s episode has a range of music styles including a couple of artists that Erk saw live last weekend, Centred Self & LAB 64. Music supplied by Deuce Management & PromotionGrit PRMissing Piece Group and the artists directly.

Song list:


Erk enjoys creating new media, watching ice hockey and strange Chinese dating shows. Podcaster (2007 - 2014) and a new video gamer.

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  1. 20 February 11, 2:20pm

    Athena Reich covered a Supertramp song there (you might’ve mentioned this, I can’t remember) and Hamish Meaney’s song is a version of a (sorta) old folk song that the Beach Boys also covered in the ’60’s. /musicnerdery

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