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Erk FM 118 – Foundry Road interview

by Erk

Welcome to episode 118 of Erk FM. I know it is NoRockvember here on Erk FM but I could not wait until December to feature this interview with western Sydney metal band Foundry Road. Besides, it was recorded during Rocktober!


Erk is joined by band members eXplain (vocals), Scott (guitar), Simon (bass) & Brad (drums). It was a very enjoyable interview around Brad’s kitchen table. During the interview, I found out this was the band’s first ever interview! Find out about various aspects of the band including their history, facepaint, composing songs as a team, being in the studio, performing live and a lot more. The introduction to the episode features fellow Association of Music Podcasting member Rich Palmer (host of Audio Gumshoe).  On this occasion, Erk submitted Foundry Road’s song Electric Scar for inclusion in AMPed New Music Weekly episode 254 that Rich hosted that week.


Music was supplied directly by the band. Note that some songs on this episode do contain lyrics that may offend some listeners.


Song list:

  • Hide & Seek
  • Burning Bridges
  • Rise
  • Shattered Vial
  • Electric Scar
  • The Wait

Erk enjoys creating new media, watching ice hockey and strange Chinese dating shows. Podcaster (2007 - 2014) and a new video gamer.


  1. 17 November 10, 9:13am

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Erk, Channel Erk, Erk, Channel Erk. Erk, Channel Erk said: It 's NoRockvember on Erk FM but step back into Rocktober for a second to hear an interview with @foundryroad! […]

  2. 04 December 10, 1:39pm

    This was a hysterically funny interview!
    The advice about what to do when you have writer’s block made me LOL! :)
    Foundry Road rocks!

  3. 08 April 13, 12:39am

    […] Welcome to episode 40 of Erk FM: Metal Monday. Some people hate turning 40 & that milestone is approaching Erk in a couple of years (No way? Way!) so what better way to celebrate episode 40 of Erk FM: Metal Monday than some death metal to go along with the preview of Dead of Winter & Erkstock? This episode also features a snippet of Erk’s first ever interview with Foundry Road – hear the whole interview from October 2010 on Erk FM episode 118. […]

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