Erk Pod 253 – Scott Sigler Does Parramatta

by Erk

Welcome to a special episode of Erk Pod. This episode was recorded at Infinitas Bookshop which is a independent bookstore in Parramatta specialising in science fiction, fantasy, horror, roleplaying and speculative fiction. The occasion was the only public appearance in Sydney by author and podcaster Scott Sigler. Scott (also known as The FDO – Future Dark Overlord) has written and podcasted several books including Infected, Contagious, The Rookie and Ancestor. He was in Australia to promote the new edition of Ancestor and to attend SwanCon in Perth as well as SuperNova in Brisbane and Melbourne.

Erk had the chance to meet and interview Scott at Balticon 43 last year in Baltimore. You can listen to the many interviews that Erk did at Balticon with various podcasters and authors in what Erk called “The Balticon Special That Never Ends” on Erk Pod episodes 203 and 204.

On this episode recorded in a room full of people, Scott read the first chapter of Ancestor. He then answered many questions in a Question & Answer session with the many fans, some of whom traveled long distances to see him. After the reading, there was a book signing and a pub crawl. Erk left said pub crawl just before midnight after pub number 3. Scott and some dedicated fans were still going when Erk left.

Here are some photos from inside Infinitas of the gathering.

This is a special episode of Erk Pod, there will be a regular episode of Erk Pod as normal on Wednesday. In case you found me, Erk Pod and Channel Erk because of the night, HI!

Duration: 70 minutes

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