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Erk FM 86 – Wil Denyes Interview

by Erk

Welcome to another interview conducted by Erk & Judy. Today’s interviewee is Wil Denyes who is a singer/songwriter from New York City. Judy first heard him interviewed by Les Zaldor on another program and then went & played Wil’s music & was very impressed. During this interview, find out what it is like to have a sell out show because the Fire Department says that the venue is full, what it is like to be a background performer and then discovering that you can sing and be a front line performer & a lot more.


In addition to this interview, Judy will be featuring Wil soon on an episode of her music podcast Judy’s Blast FM, coming soon to Channel Erk.


Song list:

  • Super Wonderful
  • Better Way

To listen to more of Wil’s music, follow him on social networking or purchase his music, visit his website.


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  1. 31 May 10, 9:21am

    Pretty amazing how he went from a bass player who didn’t sing to someone who writes and sings his own songs.

    The song “Super Wonderful” is an awesome song. I liked hearing the story behind it.

    Great interview!

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