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Erk FM 85 – Audra Connolly interview

by Erk

Erk FM 85 – Audra Connolly interview








Welcome to episode 85 of Erk FM. Erk is joined in the Channel Erk Studio by Judy from Judy’s Blast FM. Our interview guest is Audra Connolly from Boise. Audra is a singer/songwriter that has been featured on both Erk FM and Judy’s Blast FM in the past. During the interview, we talk about singing, songwriting, performing live, animals, travelling to Mexico and more.


Song list:

  • Dear Friend
  • Friendship
  • Love Unconditional


Hear Audra’s music on Erk FM episode 42 as well as the complete album on Judy’s Blast FM episode 26.



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