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Erk FM 58 – Peter Renzullo (Scudley Records) interview

by Erk

Welcome to episode 58 of Erk FM. This a special interview with Peter Renzullo from West Australian indie production company Scudley Records. Peter has produced an album called Folkfore that Erk FM will be featuring on episodes 63 & 64. Folkfore is designed to promote the indie/grass roots music scene in Perth and Western Australia. In this interview, Erk and Peter talk all about the album, production, promotion and a lot more.


Song list:


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  1. 02 February 10, 7:05pm

    Great work Eric, love the way the interview turned out! Thanks for giving this music some real attention, and for giving me the chance to share it with your listeners. Looking forward to the next two episodes in March.

    Peter Renzullo – Scudley Records

  2. 10 February 10, 5:59pm

    Very interesting story about how this album came to be. I love the idea Peter has of going around to different podcasters to get the music out there. Cool! I also really like his idea of charging a band per song, instead of by the hour for his assistance in production. Wonderful way to support musicians! Yay for Scudley Records! :D I am amused by the story of how it got it’s name.

    Peter, my husband is legally blind too, so I can understand how that is. I am the driver for our family, just as your wife is the driver in yours.

    Great interview, Erk!

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