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Erk FM 64 – Folklore (Part 2)

by Erk

Welcome to episode 63 of Erk FM. This episode is the first in a 2 part special featuring indie artists from Perth, Western Australia. Peter Renzullo from Scudley Records approached Erk FM to feature a new indie album called Folkfore Volume 1. Peter is hoping that this will be the first of many in the Folklore series of CD’s. In the first episode of the series, you heard the female artists from the album with the guys to follow right now!


To hear the interview about the album and more about the artists, listen to Erk FM episode 58.


Song list:



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  1. 16 March 10, 5:34pm

    I love the FOLKLORE CD.
    Very cool interview. I like hearing all the little stories behind the songs.

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